Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Time: 15 minChocolate Biscuit Cake

Serves: 15


  1. 9” pie dish
  2. 2 medium mixing bowls


  1. Marie biscuit – 2 pkts
  2. Coffee powder – 3 tsp
  3. Nutella – 1 tin
  4. Nestle cream – 1 tin
  5. Sugar – 3 tsp


  1. In a mixing bowl, add coffee powder to a cup of hot water. Dip marie biscuits in the coffee mix, one at a time and layer the bottom of the dish. Don’t soak the biscuits too long, else they will fall apart. Fill in the empty gaps.
  2. In another mixing bowl, mix well the nestle cream and sugar. Spread a layer over the biscuits.  
  3. Spread a layer of nutella over this.
  4. Put another layer of soaked biscuits, followed by cream and finally nutella.
  5. You can design the top layer of chocolate to look attractive.


  1. Use a glass dish, so that you can see the beautiful colours of chocolate and ensure that the dish is not deeper than 2”.
  2. Dont worry if the biscuits do fall apart after soaked in coffee, just keep it aside and use it to fill in the gaps.
  3. Mix the sugar well in the nestle cream so that no granules remain. You can substitute with powdered sugar.
  4. 2 layers of the recipe is good. I’ve not tried more coz I feel it would be too much biscuit.

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