Colombian Style Beans

Colombian Style Beans

Colombian Style Beans

Being in Miami, has introduced us to alot of South American food – Cuban, Mexican, Puerto rican, Columbian……

 It’s so much fun to eat at their restaurants – homely and bustling with joy, spanish music playing in the background, everyone going “Ola!”, the menus are huge and sometimes a bit too overwhelming. I always like to try out something new. Their food portions are too much for just one. I’m usually too sated by the end of a meal and unable to have dessert. Though the Tres Leche is always on the top on my list.

 I decided to start easy, “Estofado de Frijoles con Platano Maduro” – is what it is called. Not only is this dish simple, but tasty too.

Buen provecho!

Time: 35 min

Serves: 4


  • Red kidney Beans – 2 cups

  • Carrot – 2

  • Green Banana – 1

  • Capsicum – 1

  • Onion (chopped) – 1

  • Tomato (chopped) – 1

  • Cumin seeds

  • Ginger-garlic paste

  • Cilantro – 1 cup

  • Chilli powder -1 tsp

  • Pepper – 1 tsp

  • Salt – 1 tsp

  • Maggie – 1 cube

  • Olive oil


  • Soak the beans overnight. Next day, pressure cook them for about 2 whistles.

  • Take the pressure cooker off the stove and let the steam off. Let the water level be the same as the beans.

  • Add carrots, banana, salt to the beans

  • Close the pan and cook for around 10 min

  • At the same time, in another pan, saute the onions, tomatoes, cumin seeds and cilantro.

  • Add the above to the beans and cook for another 5 min.

  • Enjoy this with rice or bread!!

Apron’s Advice

  • If you forget to soak the beans overnight, put them in a pot of hot water and let it sit for atleast 15 min.

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